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The 3m XL Kiosk is a favored choice among vendors of food, drinks, and retail goods, suitable for continuous use throughout the year or for temporary, seasonal setups. It’s commonly utilized by schools and sports clubs on game days, and its versatility extends to trade shows, festivals, and exhibitions for various functions such as ticketing, security, and as information points.

Expanding your space is effortless with the 3m XL end linked store bundle, where adding an additional 3m XL store effectively doubles your operational area, creating a seamless extension separate from the serving hatch. This newfound space can serve a multitude of purposes, from food preparation areas to secure storage for merchandise or marketing materials. Additionally, the modular design allows for each unit to be used separately, perfect for operations that shift between multiple locations.

Flexibility in setup is a key feature; the bundle can be configured with doors at both of the shorter ends, as seen in the photo gallery. Alternatively, should your needs include a dedicated storage or workspace, it’s possible to install doors on only one end. The way you opt to assemble the units will determine if you have either an extra end panel and door panel or two end panels remaining.

This package includes:

  • One 3m XL kiosk (green)
  • One 3m XL store (green)
  • One end linking kit (green)

Coated in green (RAL6005), these units are designed for inconspicuous use, making them ideal for settings like home gardens, parks, nature reserves, rural areas, or sports fields, while retaining all the benefits of the flat pack storage series. This includes the ability for components to be manually handled and set up in locations that are traditionally difficult to access, including behind or inside buildings and exhibition halls. It’s important to note that assembling the XL range’s flat pack stores typically requires the assistance of up to six people for moving the larger elements, including the floor and roof sections.


  • Fully galvanised body for long-life
  • Individual components can be moved by hand
  • Easily dismantled and moved
  • Ideal for use in areas restricted by low or weak bridges
  • Ideal for off-road delivery at festivals, as components can be moved by hand and transported individually
  • Full range of accessories available including shelving and security upgrades

This side-linked kiosk and store bundle is available for sale and delivery throughout the UK.


External Length (m) 6.00
External Base Width (m) 2.21
External Roof Width (m) 2.29
External Height (m) 2.24
Internal Length (m) 5.60
Internal Width (m) 2.14
Internal Height (m) 2.10
Door Width (m) 1.25
Door Height (m) 1.80
Hatch Width (m) 1.98
Hatch Height (m) 1.03
Max Weight Floor can Withstand (kg) 1500, spread evenly across the floor
Weight (Flatpacked) (kg) 421
Weight Heaviest Part (when Demounted) (kg) 153
Floor Type 15mm OSB Board
Internal Floor Covering OSB Board
Internal Wall Covering Galvanised Steel