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End-to-end linking of flat pack storage containers offers a swift and straightforward solution for accommodating materials of considerable length. By linking two 4m galvanized containers, an internal length of 7.56m is achieved.

The set includes:

  • Two 4m flat pack galvanized stores (QF255)
  • One end linking kit (QF583)

Given that many materials measure between 6m to 6.5m in length, this leaves an extra 1-1.5m of space at the store’s entrance for additional items. This aspect renders the setup exceedingly useful for construction and utility companies, as well as for independent contractors like electricians and plumbers. Similarly, sports clubs and youth organizations find it beneficial for storing elongated items.

This arrangement retains all the key features of the flat pack storage series, notably the capability to manually transport and assemble each component in tight or difficult locations, even within or behind existing structures.

It’s important to note that handling these 4m containers may require the assistance of 4-6 robust individuals, particularly for moving the components by hand from the delivery point to the assembly site.

The versatility of our linked range allows for various combinations of 2m, 3m, and 4m stores to be connected, enabling the creation of a storage space perfectly tailored to your needs and the dimensions of your available area. There are no restrictions on the number of containers that can be linked, and doors can be installed at both ends of a container, offering unparalleled flexibility for the efficient loading and unloading of goods and materials.

This linked flatpack container bundle is available for sale and delivery throughout the UK. Add to lorry to calculate delivery cost to your postcode.


External Length (m) 7.86
External Width (m) 2.14
External Height (m) 2.09
Internal Length (m) 7.56
Internal Width (m) 1.99
Internal Height (m) 1.95
Door Width (m) 1.25
Door Height (m) 1.88
Weight (Flatpacked) (kg) 842
Weight Heaviest Part (when Demounted) (kg) 153
Floor Type 15mm OSB Board
Height (Flatpacked) (mm) 600
Length (Flatpacked) (m) 3.88
Width (Flatpacked) (m) 2.14