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Introducing the 6m XL flat pack end-to-end bundle, a revolutionary offering that supplies all necessary components to build expansive work or storage areas at significantly lower costs compared to traditional structures. Remarkably, the overall dimensions of this unit are comparable to a 40ft container, yet it maintains the versatility and efficiency of flat pack design.

Bundle Components:

  • Two 6m XL storage units
  • One 6m end linking kit

Assembly of the 6m XL end-linked bundle demands a more experienced team than what is required for our standard flat pack stores, mainly because the larger and heavier pieces necessitate some form of lifting equipment for movement and assembly purposes (options include forklifts, telescopic handlers, cranes, overhead gantries). Except for the floor and roof sections, other parts can still be manually transported, typically requiring a team of 4-6 individuals and a thorough risk assessment.

Despite the need for mechanical lifting, the 6m XL end-linked bundle retains the unique advantages of the Portable Space flat pack range. It can be situated in locations inaccessible to HIAB-equipped vehicles, such as construction sites or sports fields, using an all-terrain forklift, telehandler, or small flatbed truck to traverse paths that would otherwise be prohibitive for standard container delivery due to cost or feasibility.

This end-linked configuration is ideal for storing long items and can be deployed in settings where traditional containers might not fit. It’s particularly valuable for sports clubs (rowing, canoeing, football, rugby) for keeping long sports equipment, athletics clubs, and also serves well for on-site storage at factories, warehouses, and construction sites for extended materials like steel, pipes, or electrical conduits.

Please note, once assembled, the end-linked bundle cannot be lifted from above or below; the linking kit is not designed to support such movements, and the structure’s size makes it impractical. Linking is restricted to one direction (either side-by-side or end-to-end) within a single configuration. However, an unlimited number of additional 6m XL stores can be integrated into this setup as needed, with options to include these and the necessary linking kits during purchase.

For those requiring a 6m storage solution without access to suitable lifting equipment or the need to move components manually, we recommend considering our 4m end-linked store bundle (QF978), the largest person-portable, end-linked bundle available, consisting of two or more 4m storage units linked end-to-end.


External Length (m) 11.86
External Width (m) 2.29
External Height (m) 2.24
Internal Length (m) 11.45
Internal Width (m) 2.13
Internal Height (m) 2.10
Door Width (m) 1.75
Floor Type 15mm OSB Board
Weight (Flatpacked) (kg) 1700
Weight Heaviest Part (when Demounted) (kg) 306