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The 6m XL flat pack side by side bundle stands out as a distinctive offering, delivering everything needed to establish extensive work or storage spaces at significantly lower costs compared to traditional buildings.

The bundle includes:

  • Two 6m XL stores
  • One 6m side linking kit

Constructing our 6m XL store requires a bit more preparation and manpower compared to assembling our 2m, 3m, and 4m flat pack store alternatives. For the assembly of the roof section, we suggest organizing a team of about 6-8 individuals.

Offering a practical alternative to the conventional 20ft shipping container, the 6m XL flat pack store achieves comparable space using galvanized steel, as opposed to the corten steel typically used. They provide a more affordable solution than traditional shipping containers, with the bonus of the added versatility and convenience found in our flat pack storage series.

These units present an effective answer to the challenges posed by sites with limited access, such as underground parking, or residential areas. The XL designation indicates these units are both taller and wider than the standard offerings in our flat pack store range.

Typically, the 6m XL stores are delivered flat packed via HIAB, though we also provide a delivery and installation service, which is quoted separately following a site survey.

The side by side configuration enables the creation of a personal fulfillment warehouse for your online business right at home – providing a mini-warehouse solution at a fraction of the cost compared to most alternatives.

It’s important to note that once linked, the bundle cannot be lifted either from the top or bottom due to design limitations of the linking kit and the sheer size of the assembled structure. Linking is restricted to a single direction (either side by side or end on end) within one building. However, you have the option to expand by continually adding more side linked 6m XL stores as needed. The 6m XL store is not designed to link with the smaller sizes in the flat pack range.


External Length (m) 5.88
External Width (m) 4.66
External Height (m) 2.24
Internal Length (m) 5.72
Internal Width (m) 4.27
Internal Height (m) 2.10
Door Width (m) 1.75
Floor Type 15mm OSB Board
Weight (Flatpacked) (kg) 1700
Weight Heaviest Part (when Demounted) (kg) 306