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The distinctive wood effect powder coating offers a realistic wood grain look, infusing the reliable flat pack store with a fresh, authentic wooden aesthetic. This innovative finish softens the visual impact of the storage container, making it an ideal addition to settings like residential areas, nature preserves, athletic fields, and educational campuses. Organizations and homeowners are presented with a robust and enduring storage solution that not only harmonizes with its surroundings but also requires no maintenance and promises a lengthy service life.

In line with the entire flat pack range, the 4m wood effect powder coated storage container is made up of lightweight components that can easily be transported by hand over rough terrain where traditional vehicles cannot go, and are compact enough to weave through narrow passageways or between structures. There’s no need for heavy lifting equipment or specialized tools—a simple socket set is all it takes to get started. This enhanced version of the flat pack store also introduces a double locking system for bolstered security at no additional charge.

After assembly, the unit can be moved using its lifting eyes, even with cargo inside. It offers the flexibility to connect with other flat pack stores, creating spacious, open-plan storage areas or accommodating longer items like pipes, goalposts, canoes, and specific sports gear, arranged side by side or end to end. Additionally, it can be swiftly dismantled and relocated as needed.


  • Fully galvanised for a long and maintenance-free life
  • Simple assembly
  • Can be moved and assembled in otherwise inaccessible locations
  • Fully expandable (modular) either side-by-side or end-on-end with other stores of the same length or width
  • Unique wood effect paint finish
  • Secure storage for excellent value for money

The powdered coated flat pack store has for a long time been an extremely popular alternative to the timber garden shed and now it can look like one too!


External Length (m) 3.88
External Width (m) 2.14
External Height (m) 2.09
Internal Length (m) 3.78
Internal Width (m) 2.07
Internal Height (m) 1.95
Door Width (m) 1.25
Door Height (m) 1.80
Max Weight Floor can Withstand (kg) 2000, spread evenly across the floor
Weight (Flatpacked) (kg) 421
Weight Heaviest Part (when Demounted) (kg) 153
Floor Type 15mm OSB Board
Internal Floor Covering OSB Board
Internal Wall Covering Galvanised Steel
Height (Flatpacked) (mm) 300
Length (Flatpacked) (m) 3.88
Width (Flatpacked) (m) 2.14
Steel Gauge (mm) 0.72